The Monk strap


"It is better to err by being bold than by being cautious".

- Alvin Toffler -

At Bohemian we love the Monk strap, so we continue the series of posts dedicated to the existing types of men's shoes, to talk about this particular type (also called buckle shoes). It is a model that is seen more and more often, and that immediately catches the eye. It is characterised by its versatility, which makes it equally at home with a suit as with jeans. That's why it's so versatile when it comes to combining them.

It is a typically masculine shoe, although more and more women are wearing them too, with more feminine and stylised lasts (I have several models of them, to which I will no doubt dedicate a future blog post).Bohemian has several models of them, to which I will undoubtedly dedicate a blog post in the future).

The Monk strap is a real eye-catcher, precisely because it is a shoe that, although elegant, has a touch of daring that other models don't have. For us, it conveys personality and character, and that's why we love it. It is a very "Bohemian" shoe.

A bit of history

The origin of the Monk strap is curious. " Monk strap" translates as "monk's shoe with straps", and this is precisely where its origin lies. In the Middle Ages, monks, whatever their congregation, were used to wearing sandals. In the winters, they had no choice but to deal with the cold in the monasteries, which were often located in isolated places. To combat this, they devised a shoe based on a sandal. They closed it at the top with a piece of leather and fastened it with a strap. This is how the first "monk straps" came into being.

More recently, it was in the 1980s and 1990s that this type of footwear reached its peak. From then on, it began to fall into disuse, although lovers of the classic style never completely abandoned it. This is the case of British manufacturers, who have always had this model in their catalogues.

The current Monk strap

Today we are witnessing a kind of "renaissance" of the Monk Strap, which is recovering its former splendour and filling our dressing rooms with boldness, distinction, style and personality.

The Monk strap is halfway between the formality of the Oxford and the more casual style of the Derby. It can have one or two buckles. Double buckle models accentuate the casual character of the shoe, and some even choose to undo one or both straps.

It is this ability to swim between the waters of the formal and the casual that gives this type of shoe the versatility and charm that we love at Bohemian Shoes.

Model SENA by Bohemian Shoes in aged brown calfskin leather

Model SENA by Bohemian Shoes in camel suede

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